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Experimental evolution in guppies

Do you want to fish guppies in experimental populations? Do you want to see how their life histories respond to fishing-induced selection? Do you want to get hands-on measuring fish and determining their sex and maturation stage?… Read more →

Seeds in a changing world

What kind of seeds to plants need to have to survive in the mountains in Norway?Does that change is snow depth or
length of snow cover? These are some of the things you can help figure out in this project.… Read more →

Domestic grazing animals as landscape engineers: Effects on biodiversity and ecosystem service provisioning in Nordhordland

How does livestock management impact biodiversity, ecosystem functions and ecosystem services? How do different grazing regimes on summer dairy farms shape landscape heterogeneity and connectivity and how do they affect pollinator communities?
In this multidisciplinary project we investigate the relationships between human and nature in the scope of developing a sustainable management of land-use and natural resources in the Nordhordland Biosphere area – Norway’s only Biosphere Reserve in UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) programme. Join us if you want practical experience in common field- and lab-methods in applied ecology and to be a part of an ambitious and enthusiastic team!… Read more →

Climate change impacts on alpine plants

What will happen when the alpine regions in Norway become warmer? What will happen to the existing alpine plants when new species from the lowlands colonize the mountains? Do you want to be a part of answering these questions, and do field work in beautiful mountain regions in Norway? Join us!… Read more →

Effects of supplemented water on mating behavior and reproductive success of female bean beetles, Callosobruchus maculatus.

The females of species Callosobruchus maculatus, bean beetles, are polyandrous, which receives nuptial gifts from males during the copulations. In this project you will handle the bean beetles at close up and follow them through their life cycle to observe the effects of supplemented water on mating behaviour and reproductive success of female bean beetles.… Read more →

Frøpredasjon: Feltarbeid i fjellene på Vestlandet!

Hva skjer med økosystemet i alpine strøk når det blir varmere og våtere? Klimaendringene påvirker samspillet mellom arter både direkte og indirekte, deriblant trofiske interaksjoner mellom dyr som fugler, gnagere og insekter, og planter. Hvordan kan vi ved undersøkelser av frøpredasjon få en bedre forståelse for disse komplekse samspillene? Sett av en uke i sommer til å undersøke… Read more →

Taxonomy of deep-sea sponges of the North Atlantic

Want to know more about the species and habitats of the deeper parts of our oceans? Then this internship is for you! Prepare to be mesmerized with the beauty and intricacy of sponges (and their spicules). Project description  As part of the EU-funded project SponGES (see our website: www.deepseasponges.org) we are trying to understand the… Read more →

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