Category: Ecology and Evolution

Direct and indirect climate impacts on the biodiversity and Functioning of the UNDERground ecosystem

Alpine grasslands harbour a vast biodiversity and contribute to the terrestrial carbon store. Climate change is predicted to cause shifts in plant community composition in alpine environments. These shifts are likely to also change the functioning of the belowground system and affect soil organisms as well as the interactions between the aboveground and belowground components of the ecosystem. We need to understand the effect of changed climate in order to protect the alpine grassland systems.… Read more →

Plant functional traits in alpine grasslands in Western Norway

Global change affects populations, communities, and ecosystems across the world. Alpine plant communities are affected more because climate is changing more rapidly than elsewhere. Plant functional traits are a powerful approach to predict how plant communities will respond to warmer temperature, higher precipitation or change nitrogen addition in the future.… Read more →

Diversity analysis of pollinators in Austrheim, Hordaland

There is a lot of missing data on insects in Norway. This data gap makes it hard to know how stable populations of pollinators actually are. In order to detect any possible decreases, we need to map species and monitor any changes in population densities and diversity. By joining this project, you will be contributing with exactly this, which is incredibly important work!… Read more →

Experimental evolution in guppies

Do you want to fish guppies in experimental populations? Do you want to see how their life histories respond to fishing-induced selection? Do you want to get hands-on measuring fish and determining their sex and maturation stage?… Read more →