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Trenger du hjelp ut i felt og/eller på lab? Lyst til å formidle faget ditt? bioSPIRE setter deg i kontakt med yngre studenter, og du hjelper dem med å få verdifull erfaring i praktisk biologi.

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Do you need help during field- or labwork? Would you like to share your experience? bioSPIRE puts you in contact with younger students whom you help by giving valuable, practical experience in biology.

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Read what our trainees have to say about bioSPIRE, the project they have been working on and about getting practical experience at BIO!


Ekstremtørke i kystlynghei

Kystlynghei er ein trua naturtype som står ovenfor store utfordringar knytt til klimaendringar. Dei siste åra har vi alle fått kjenne på ekstremvær som lengre periodar med tørke, men ein art som virkelig har fått kjenne på det er kystlyngheia si nøkkelart; Røsslyng. Ved å delta på prosjektet så er du med på å finne ut kva vi kan forvente skje langs heile norskekysten dei neste åra som følge av ekstremvær.… Read more →

Investigating the Role of Stress Granules in Ageing and Senescence

The Grellscheid research group aims to expand the understanding of how stress granules interact with other potential partners in senescence (as a model of ageing) and the biological significance of this interaction. As a bioSPIRE student, you will have the opportunity to gain experience in a wide range of molecular biology techniques including, western blotting, qPCR, immunofluorescence, live-imaging, mammalian cell culture, molecular cloning, and genomic editing (CRISPR).… Read more →

Experimental evolution in guppies

Do you want to fish guppies in experimental populations? Do you want to see how their life histories respond to fishing-induced selection? Do you want to get hands-on measuring fish and determining their sex and maturation stage?… Read more →

Domestic grazing animals as landscape engineers: Effects on biodiversity and ecosystem service provisioning in Nordhordland

How does livestock management impact biodiversity, ecosystem functions and ecosystem services? How do different grazing regimes on summer dairy farms shape landscape heterogeneity and connectivity and how do they affect pollinator communities?
In this multidisciplinary project we investigate the relationships between human and nature in the scope of developing a sustainable management of land-use and natural resources in the Nordhordland Biosphere area – Norway’s only Biosphere Reserve in UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) programme. Join us if you want practical experience in common field- and lab-methods in applied ecology and to be a part of an ambitious and enthusiastic team!… Read more →

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