Seeds in a changing world

What kind of seeds to plants need to have to survive in the mountains in Norway?Does that change is snow depth or length of snow cover? These are some of the things you can help figure out in this project.


Project description

Plants have many different strategies for how to get there genes from one generation to the next. Some have few large seeds, and some have many small seeds, some spread the seed through wind, others using animals like ants. In this project we aim to investigate the different strategies of plants in alpine grasslands in Norway, and if that changes with climate. The data you help collect will be involved in a big dataset of trait measurements for some alpine sites here in Norway, and you will contribute to data that will be published in a scientific journal.Since this project will happen in the same lab as the project on biomass sorting, it is possible that the two students working on this can collaborate and be participating in both projects to get even more experience.



You will mostly help with lab work, which includes cleaning and weighing of seeds from different species at different sites. It could also be relevant to help with entering data once the data collection is over.


The project involves: labwork

Starting date/period: 15 Sept 2019 – 29 Nov 2019.



You will learn how to process seed samples, and some regular procedures in a plant ecology lab. You will also gain experience in how to follow a standardized protocol.



Max 40 hours. You can decide yourself, but it is good if you can work for a minimum of 2 hours at a time to get the most out of the time.

Interested by this project? Need more info? Contact Joshua Lynn (

Project number: 020





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