Mapping of salmon pathogens on wild salmonids in Trøndelag

Wild and farmed salmonids have co-existed along the Norwegian coast for about half a century. But how do pathogens found on farmed fish populations affect the stock of wild fish and vice versa?

Project description

The aim of the project is to get an overview over pathogens that can be found on wild salmonids in Norway and how these findings fluctuate over time. These data are important to understand the interactions between wild and farmed fish along the coast of Norway.


The student will assist with lab work. This will entail to sort gill samples that have been collected in different Norwegian rivers and take subsamples for later analysis and backup.

The project involves: Labwork

Starting date/period: 25 Mar 2019 – 15 Jun 2019.

Experience: You will learn how to take tissue samples for molecular biological analysis in a structured and sterile way. These tasks are relevant specifically in the field of fish health, but also in biology in general.

Involvement: Flexible (max 40h). It is recommended to work at least 6h/day. It is also recommended to work in groups of two students at a time.


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Project number: 014





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