Illustrators needed for the ArtsApp-project!

Project description

ArtsApp is a bioCEED funded project that aims to digitalize and ease the use of keys in identification of species.
We are currently developing new keys in the ArtsApp-project and will be needing help with drawing illustrations for different characteristics in the apps.


At the moment we are working with three new keys; a fish key, a reed key and a seaweed key. The task will be to draw different characteristics which we will be using in the app (this could be anything from fish tails to cell structure of seaweeds). We will be needing 1-2 students (if you want to work together with a friend that is no problem).


Starting date/period: 27 Mar 2019 – 31 May 2019.


The students will learn the importance of simple but clear drawings in biology and also get an insight of the function and structure of ArtsApp. The students will also be credited in the key!


The identification keys are still under development so we are uncertain of the amount of work load. Work times are very flexible and can be adapted to the student’s time schedule.


Interested by this project? Need more info? Contact Mari Bjordal (

Project number: 015





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