bioSPIRE – a germination experiment in the lab

How does drought affect the germination of two alpine species? And how does the seedling look growing up under different conditions? In this project you will assist in a germination experiment in the lab.


Project description

We are testing the two alpine species Sibbaldia procumbens (Trefingerurt), and Veronica alpina (Fjellveronika) how have slightly different ecological niches react to drought. We have sampled seeds from four different location across a precipitation gradient in Norway to see if they are locally adapted to the water availability of the site they are coming from. We are also testing the different strategies the seedlings have from growing up under drought conditions by measuring how much they invest in leaves and roots.



You will always be working with someone else in the lab. You will be helping checking if and when the seeds germinate. When the have produced their first leaf you will scan the leaf, and weigh the roots and leaves to check for the strategies of the seedling.


The project involves: labwork

Starting date/period: 4 Mar 2020 – 30 Apr 2020.



You will learn about how to run a scientific experiment, you will learn about seed and seedling ecology, and about regular lab tasks often used in plant ecology.



We meet monday, wednesday and friday for the first two weeks, and then mondays and thursday. You can come whenever during the day, but it is nice to agree on something with the other people in the lab.


Interested by this project? Need more info? Contact Joshua Lynn (

Project number: 028





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