Assessment of pollination provisioning in agricultural landscapes

What functions do various species of pollinators serve in contributing to pollination services within Norwegian apple orchards? This project offers an opportunity to gain hands-on field experience in pollination ecology (spring 2024).


Project description

Pollination plays a crucial role in the reproductive success of fruit crops, and the diversity of pollinators is known to significantly impact pollination efficiency. In the context of Norwegian horticulture, understanding the relative effectiveness of different pollinator species and the role of diversity in ensuring adequate pollination provisioning is essential for sustainable fruit production.As part of the APPLECORe project, this project will assess the role of different pollinators in ensuring adequate pollination services for apple cultivars, collecting data in an appleorchard located in Hardanger.



This spring, the project needs field workers to help collect data from apple orchards on pollinating insects and floral visitors to apple flowers.Flower visitor recordings will be conducted at the end of May in an Apple Orchard located in Hardanger.



Starting date/period: May 10th 2024 – June 4th 2024


The project involves: fieldwork



The student will gain skills and experience in data collection and the identification of pollinators, as well as building knowledge on field techniques in pollination ecology.


Involvement: up to 40h

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Project number: 047




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