Leaf litter decomposition

How much carbon can heathland ecosystems reabsorbe? In this project you will get both field and lab experience.


Project description

In the DURIN project we seek to understand how much carbon is produced by, goes into and is stored in heathlands, and how the microclimate is affecting that. A part of the project is therefore to look at the decomposition of leaf litter within and outside forested areas.We still need to collect leaf litter from Lygra and Sogndal between 21.9 and 30.9. After that the student will sort the litter and help prepearing the bags in the lab.



The student will join for 2 field days, one in Lygra and one in Sogndal. Here they will help out with collecting leaf litter from four species; Calluna vulgaris, Empetrum nigrum, Vaccinium myrtillus og vitis-idaea.When we get back the student will help with sorting the leaf litter in the lab.



Starting date/period: September 15th 2023 – September 2024


The project involves: labwork + fieldwork



Through this project you will learn new field and lab methodes and get more familiar with it.


Involvement: 2 field days (8h each) and 20h lab work


Interested by this project? Need more info? Contact Kristine Birkeli (kristine.birkeli@uib.no)

Project number: 046




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