Project description

INCLINE focuses on the indirect effects of climate change. Particularly, we study the impact of novel species from the low lands colonizing upland plant communities. In order to do this, we run an experiment in which we moved a number of lowland species to the alpine. We study how well they survive with and without an open-top chamber (mini greenhouse), and how they affect the surrounding alpine vegetation.


The project involves: fieldwork



As student in our team, you will help us with applying a removal treatment (cutting the aboveground parts of vegetation), and the collection of demography data on our focal plant species.

We will leave on Monday morning and return on Friday. During the field work, we stay in an accommodation close to the field site. All costs for food and accommodation are covered by the project.


Starting date/period: July 26-30th 2021.



Join PhD student Ragnhild Gya and her team for a week in the mountains!
In this project, you will learn how to recognize different plant species in alpine grasslands, and get a better understanding of alpine vegetation and its ecology.
You will also get a hands-on experience of life as a field biologist. What types of questions do we ask? What do we need to consider when collecting data for our research?

No specific plant knowledge is required, but a keen interest is certainly helpful.



40 hours



Interested in this project? Need more info? Dagmar Egelkraut (

Project number: 038




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