Nature in the lives of People

How does nature contribute to lives of people in the new UNESCO biosphere reserve of Nordhordland? We are touring the region asking local communities to fill out a survey telling us what they value about nature.


Project description

We are looking for a motivated student who wants to work on an exciting new project on sustainability in the new UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Nordhordland. We are touring the region asking local communities what they value about nature, so we can see what the demand for ecosystem services in the region is.



We need you to help us in the workshops once or twice a week. You will be helping people fill in a cool mapping survey online. We will travel to different municipalities all across Nordhordland and workshops will take place in libraries.

The total time commitment is 3-4 hours for every workshop including traveling time. We will run workshops every week from Week 7 until Week 12, we can discuss which ones are convenient for you.


The project involves: fieldwork

Starting date/period: 10 Feb 2020 – 13 Mar 2020.



You will learn about ecosystem services, collecting GIS surveys and working with local stakeholders on nature sustainability projects. You will get to see cool places and meet interesting people!



Minimum three workshops (12 hours), Maximum 40 hours

Interested by this project? Need more info? Contact Alicia Donnellan (

Project number: 025





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