Lower elevation plants are invading the mountains

To understand how alpine plants are affected by climate change we moved lower elevation species up into the mountain. Now we investigate the competitive effect of these lower elevation plants on alpine species. Do you want to help answer these questions by entering data for us?


Project description

In the INCLINE project we aim to study the direct and indirect effects of climate change on alpine plants. In 2018 we started an experiment in the Norwegian mountains were we warm the alpine vegetation, and change the interactions with other plants by introducing lower elevation species. In this experiment we hope to disentangle the direct effects of climate change (warming) with the indirect effects of new interactions between alpine and lower elevation species due to species range shifts.



In this project you will enter the data from the last field seasons where we register traits on the lower elevation species from the last couple of years.

You will make a database (in excel), enter the data, and then proofread the data. If you are interested in working with the data further there is also an option to learn some coding and start to clean the data in R.


Starting date/period: November 10th 2022 – February 28th 2023.



You will gain knowledge about how to best enter data for further processing in R. A skill that is very useful for a BIO299 or a master thesis later. You will learn about data management, and which kind of data we can collect to answer different questions. You will work closely with me, the PhD student on the project and I am happy to spend some time chatting about anything you want to know about alpine plant ecology and climate change in alpine systems.


Involvement: Flexible, a couple of hours per week until the 40 h limit is reached


Interested by this project? Need more info? Contact Ragnhild Gya (ragnhild.gya@uib.no)

Project number: 044





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